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IUFRO is the International Union of Forest Research Organizations.
It has about 100 working parties that cover all aspects of forestry.
One of the working parties is "Computers in Forest Research and
Natural Resouce Management".  That WP is chaired by Don Latham, U.S.
Forest Service, and deputy-chaired by me.

Our WP has had a quarterly newsletter that has been distributed by
conventional means so far.  We have decided to go electronic now, 
obviously with usenet.

The newsgroup is meant to interest everybody interested in forest 
research.  My understanding is that it will be dominated by people
mixing computers with forestry, because usenet still has its major
supporters among computer aficionados.  But computers are a big issue
in forest research, so there is no problem with this orientation.

Now, the following questions need to be answered:
1) Are there any existing newsgroups that could be used for IUFRO?
   The closest is bionet.agroforestry, but I  have seen no activity
   there lately.  With a little advertising we could maybe join it.
   But I also think agroforestry is too general a for a title.
2) Is U.S. Forest Service receiving usenet?  It is the largest
   group of our active members.
3) If bionet.agroforestry does not work for this purpose, where
   should the new group be put?  I suggest sci.forest as a new name.
4) Can we pass the requirements of usenet for creating a new newsgroup?
   Will there be enough usenet-aware readers that can vote YES when
   the time comes?

I would appreciate discussion on these and other upcoming questions.
The easiest is to use bionet.agroforestry, and start adversiting it
within IUFRO.   But if I receive enough positive feedback for creating
a new group, I'll  move on in a few weeks.

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