UK Agroforestry Research Forum Meeting 1992

Alan Sibbald, Pentlandfield MI002 at MACAULAY-LAND-USE.SCOT-AGRIC-RES-INST.AC.UK
Mon Dec 9 06:10:00 EST 1991

                        UK Agroforestry Research Forum

   The next Annual Meeting of the Forum is scheduled to be held at
   Shuttleworth College on 7-10 July 1992. Unfortunately, the Mansion
   House at Shuttleworth has been declared sub-standard with respect to
   certain safety features and the upgrading process is unlikely to be
   completed in time for the Meeting.

   As a consequence, Neil Hutton has proposed that the Meeting be moved
   to Silsoe College, Neil will remain as the Meeting Organiser,
   however, the sames dates are NOT available there. Two alternative
   3-day periods are on offer at Silsoe, 15-17 July or 22-24 July 1992.
   The organisers realise that dates around this time can be difficult
   for academic colleagues because of end-of-term exams, traditional
   holidays dates also clash.

   If you hope to attend the Meeting will you please contact Alan
   Sibbald with a message as to which of these dates suits. E-mail
   contact is prefered but FAX, phone or letter will do.

       !e-mail: A.R.Sibbald at          !
       !   FAX: +44 (0)31-445-4035                    !
       ! phone: +44 (0)31-445-3401                    !
       !                                              !
       !  mail: Alan Sibbald,                         !
       !        Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, !
       !        Pentlandfield,                        !
       !        Roslin,                               !
       !        Midlothian                            !
       !        EH25  9RF                             !
       !        United Kingdom                        !

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