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J Leslie Booth boothl at
Wed Feb 6 20:00:17 EST 1991

i just stumbled upon this group a few days ago and just 
now had time to investigate...

i am a second semester sophomore in the school of forestry
at purdue fisheries and aquatic sciences...

i am not an agri-forester by nature or principle as i do 
agree in principle with many of the actions taken by your

there are many things that can be discussed in an open
form such as this with the tenticles spreading worldwide
to loose such a quality device for communication is a 
sad thing so let's all use it....

as here, it may be similar in other areas, the forestry
dept. has not as yet established a mass link-up with the
rest of the computer e-mail system...i.e. the majority
do not have easy access to it...

i maintain an office in the ag engineering i
am also working on a ms. phd./phd. program in GIS as 
i am doing the bs...[returning to school after 17 yrs
in the business world] i have access to a sun
sparc lab...i also do digitizing for a former prof
and head of a GIS project here...

my work in the GIS area is two fold:

	*develop working model for flowing stream
	evaluation...siltation, riparian importance,
	agri-pollution, communal-pollution, biotic
	support, physical suppport, etc.

	*develop a similar model for wetlands...
	in addition to the above [on both projects]
	there will be built layers on the flora and
	fauna in the areas studied.

the use of in-field computer and GPI[geo positioning 
indicators] to enter and analyze data in short turn-around
sequence is a major goal of the projects...

the results of this work will be to develop a system for
eduational study, compilation and dissemination of info
directly related to the hands on of environmental concerns
in a BIOSPERIC aspect not individual organism attention...

a construction of a not-for-profit organization that will
aquire and distribute financial assistance and direct
scientific study in many areas along with the cataloging
of information that already exists but is not getting out
to the masses in an easy to understand and `unbiased' [gasp!!! what a run-on sentence] being
looked into....any comments welcome....

enough for now i must get other work done...just wanted
to intro and say my piece...anyone wanting to correspond
welcome....boothl at

GIS Warrior

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