Bioeconomic Agroforestry Modelling Progect

K P Donnelly yfcw14 at
Thu Feb 7 07:32:48 EST 1991

>   All right!  Some activity in bionet.agroforestry at last!

Someone (me) from the Forestry Commission Northern Research Station,
Edinburgh, Scotland is reading bionet.agroforestry too, on Edinburgh
University Computing Service's central Unix machine.  I am just a
computer programmer.  Our researchers, some of them with interests in
agroforestry are just starting to move across to the EUCS Unix machine
will have access to bionet.agroforestry there and I would have expected
some of them to read it.  The bother is that we are just about to get
our own computer, which won't have a newsfeed, and to get the money to
buy it, my boss may have promised to cut our EUCS computing budget to
very little.  We'll just have to see how it goes.

   Kevin Donnelly

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