Have info on Halle's Canopy Raft

Pascal Girot girot at huracan.cr
Tue Feb 19 00:16:13 EST 1991

I happen to be in close contact with the group which has developed the
canopy raft.  The person who designed and created the mobile canopy raft is
Gilles Ebersolt (AEROSCOPE 60,rue Truffaut 75017 Paris FRANCE). The
scientist responsible for its development and field testing in Francis Halle
(ORSTOM, Laboratoire de Botanique, 163, rue Auguste Broussonet, 34000
Montpellier ,FRANCE).  The October 1990 issue of National Geographic also
had a shot article on the canopy raft, which has been tested in various
sites since 1986 (French Guyana, Peru, and Brazil).  We are interested in
promoting a project using the mobile canopy raft in Central America, do you
know of any possible sources of funding?

	To answer your question (RHG at psuvm.psu.edu).  The inflatable raft's
total weight is 750 kg (this does not include the weight of passengers or of
the zeppelin which carries the inflatable structure).  I hope this satisfies
all of your needs. If you need any more information on the tree top raft,
please feel free to contact me or those mentioned above.


Pascal O. Girot, Proyecto Regiones Fronterizas, CSUCA, Costa Rica

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