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Turun kristillinen opisto- ]bo kristliga institut

19.-21. August 1991


Monday 19.8.

Breakfast, registration

Scientific presentations up to 16.30

R. Alava: Edvard August Vainio's trip to Brazil 1885

H. Balslev, A.D. Poulsen, H. Christensen, I. Nielsen,
R. Valencia and G. Paz y Mino: How many vascular plants
are supported in one hectare of tropical lowland rainforest?
B. Nordenstam and R. Lundin: A revised survey of the genera 
within Senecioneae in Ecuador.

J. Luteyn: The Ericacea of Ecuador: An overview

D. E. Christensen: Reproductive biology and systematics in Stelis
(Orchidaceaea: Pleurothallidinae)

J. Korning: Structure and growth of tree vegetation in
tropical lowland rainforest in Amazonian Ecuador

J. Rosales: Floodpalin vegetation of Mapire, a low order
tributary of the Orinoco River in Venezuela

R. Kalliola: Vegetation colonization in new-sites formed by
fluvial processes in Peruvian Amazonia

R.V. Reyes: Patterns in succession of an Andean forest in the 
Pasochoa volcano, Ecuador

K. Romoleroux: The genus Acaena (Rosaceae) in Ecuador

P. Moller Jorgensen and M. del Carmen Ulloa Ulloa: A checklist
of vascular plants of the high Andeas of Ecuador -
preliminary results

J. Elgaard Madsen and B. Ollgaard: A study of a species
rich montane forest in Southern Ecuador

Tuesday 20.8.

9.00 - 17.00

L. Andersson: Large scale biogeographic patterns of
neotropical Rubiaceae

C. Persson: The Alibertia group Gardenieae, Rubiaceae

F. Borchsenius and R. Bernal: Taxonomy of Aiphanes (Palmae)

B. Bang Klitgaard: The evolution of the tribe Dalbergieae
(Leguminonosae: Papilionoidae)

T. Ahti: Distribution patterns of the Guina Shield Cladoniaceae

L. Pietil{ and P. Jokela. The study of Andean crop Ullucus at the
University of Turku

A. Dalberg Poulsen: Diversity of ground herbs in a lowland
rain forest

C. Berg: Cecropia species of Ecuador and Peru

A. Linna: Studying the geological environment of Western Amazonia

M. Puhakka: Floodplain vegetation in relation to river
type classification in Peru

K. Ruokolainen: The response of some Melastomataceae to edaphic
differences in Peruvian Amazonia

H. Tuomisto: The occurence of ferns in different forest types
in Peruvian Amazonia

B. Eriksen: The genus Monnina (Polygalaceae), with special
emphasize on the subgenus Pterocarya

C. Gustaffson: Clethraceae in Ecuador

M. Nummelin: Tropical biology in Europe

J. Salo: Concluding remarks

Wednesday 21.8.


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