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fore057 at csc.canterbury.ac.nz fore057 at csc.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jun 19 05:43:31 EST 1991

What a pity this echo is empty.  Is it international, or just within NZ?

I'm interested in G & Y modelling and forestry applications of artificial
intelligence - these are the subjects of my thesis.  We grow plenty of Pinus
radiata down here, although we dabble with some other species.  Naturally I'm
modelling the growth of P. rad..  The data I have covers ages 0-5, which adds
interest for a number of reasons - there's liitle competition between trees
prior to age 4, mortality decreases with age, and the trees are extremely
sensitive to site preparation, weed control, etc..

On the AI front, I've developed a decision support system for managers engaged
in weed control (or vegeatation management, as we label it here).

If any of this interests you, or you want to talk about something else, then
get posting.

Euan Mason

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