Regional Disease Prediction System

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Wed Jun 26 04:23:39 EST 1991

In article <JWOODARD.91Jun24234317 at>, jwoodard at (Jeff Woodard) writes:
> 	Actually, what prompted me to post was some of the talk lately
> about natural resource management. This kind of thing can be modified
> with soil types, and you could calculate infiltration rates, stream
> flow rates.... somehow natural resources always makes me think of
> benefit cost analysis and water projects. 
> 	In the long term, we could install crop disease models,
> productivity models, etc. until we get to the level of economic
> models, in which the same thing applies - individual (site-specific)
> models applied on a regional scale. I don't know, just an idea.

Are you using geostatical interpolation?  There's some interest down here, but
I don't know if anyone in the forest industry has actually done anything yet.

Have you published?

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