AI program for vegetation classification

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Thu Jun 20 17:23:15 EST 1991

  I developed an AI (please note, AI stands for Artificial
  Intuition in this case) program for vegetation classification. I
  apologize for charging for this program, it cost $85.00 to those
  who have funds available.

  COENOS - an IBM PC program for the table technique
  of vegetation classification.

  Developed by Adolf Ceska & Hans Roemer.

  The table technique is a powerful method for analyzing
  vegetation data (see Chapter 9 in Mueller-Dombois, D. & H.
  Ellenberg. 1974. Aims and methods of vegetation ecology. John
  Wiley & Sons, New York). It was developed in Europe and is used
  there especially in the Zurich-Montpellier (or Braun-Blanquet)
  school of phytosociology. A well sorted vegetation table
  provides a clear insight into the structure of vegetation data;
  it displays both vegetation types and the species that typify

  The use of the table technique, however, requires an extensive
  apprenticeship. The manual sorting of vegetation tables is time
  consuming, relatively subjective, and feasible only for smaller
  data sets.

  COENOS enables the user to sort vegetation table in minutes. A
  simple iterative algorithm establishes an objective basis for
  the technique, and COENOS can analyze reasonably large data

  COENOS is based on our earlier main frame program (Ceska, A. &
  H. Roemer, 1971. A computer program for identifying species-releve groups in v
egetation studies. Vegetatio 23: 255-277).
  When the program was adapted for a micro-computer numerous
  features were added to make COENOS extremely user-friendly.

  COENOS has the following steps:

  Reading the data. The input is a sequential file of releves
  (plots), essentially transcripts of field records.

  Extraction of species/releve groups. Blocks of releves and the
  species which characterize them are extracted from the data.

  Ordination of species/releve groups. Species/releve groups are
  ordered using a two-way ordination technique and the result is
  displayed in a simplified table.

  Display of the final vegetation table. A full final table of
  releves and species is displayed on the screen. The user can
  rearrange the table by grabbing a column or a row and moving
  them on the screen.

  The full vegetation table provides an excellent insight into the
  structure of vegetation data. Results of COENOS are similar to
  TWINSPAN, but more graphic.

  COENOS is available for the IBM PC and compatible microcomputers
  (PC-DOS or MS-DOS 2.0 or higher) and the IBM PS/2 series. It
  supports all IBM compatible printers.
  COENOS version 3.01 can handle up to 1,000 releves and 650

  COENOS is distributed by Dr. Adolf Ceska, P.O. Box 1761,
  Victoria, B.C., V8W 2Y1, Canada. Cost: US$85.00
  E-mail: aceska at

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