Regional Disease Prediction System

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Tue Jun 25 00:43:17 EST 1991


Finally a little action on the group!!!

We here at New Mexico State University are dabbling a little bit with
a project that we call RDPS (Regional Disease Prediction System) Some
folks here have developed a pretty good weather interpolation system
that we are using to apply site-specific crop disease models on a
regional scale. The whole idea is to use a limited number of weather
stations, and obtain reasonably good predictions throughout entire
regions (we're looking at about 8 or so counties now) for the weather
variables. That way, we can run nearly any weather based site-specific
model on any size region that we want to define. Within reason. So
far, results look pretty good, the GIS is really COOL! We can show
road maps, land use, elevation, the whole show. We've even got
'transparent' colors that let you see several maps at the same time.
Is anybody out there working on the same type of project?
	Actually, what prompted me to post was some of the talk lately
about natural resource management. This kind of thing can be modified
with soil types, and you could calculate infiltration rates, stream
flow rates.... somehow natural resources always makes me think of
benefit cost analysis and water projects. 
	In the long term, we could install crop disease models,
productivity models, etc. until we get to the level of economic
models, in which the same thing applies - individual (site-specific)
models applied on a regional scale. I don't know, just an idea.

see 'ya


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