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>About a week ago I posted a request for information about cover
>crops.  I received two responses, one that I believe was from
>Cornell and one from Canada.  Through my inexperience of using this
>system I somehow lost the responses and even the names and addresses
>of the users.  Well, I think I have the system figured out now and I
>would very much like to hear from the two of you one more time.
>Also, I would again like to make a request for information about the
>use of cover crops in short rotation woody crops systems.  I have
>heard of a paper on the use of lupines for cover crops in New
>Zealand but, I have not been able to find it.  Has anyone else heard
>of this?
>Another topic that I would like more information on is the use of
>non-biological mulches such as black plastic.  Has anyone used these
>in large scale, non-research situations?  I have suggested
>non-biological mulches simply because it seems that too great a
>volume of something like woodchips would be required to be
>practical on a planting of say fifteen acres on 6'x8' spacing.
>If you disagree please let me know.
>Again thanks in advance,
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Here in Oklahoma I have seen small grains used a lot on pecan orchards.
I would think that rye planted in the early fall and plowed down just
before it matured would make pretty good cover that didn't compete to
much with the trees for water in the summer.

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