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>walker miller (via larry london) writes:
>>I am a blueberry grower located in Pickens County South Carolina
>>...I/we would love to here ideas and observations...
>>The gist of our thinking so far is frost is a significant risk
>i assume you're growing rabbit-eyes -- we have enough chill
>hours here (knoxville, tennessee) for highbush, which i grow,
>and which seem to have fewer frost problems than rabbit-eyes
>do on comparable sites
>>...we are adding 1.5 acres of blackberries over the next 2 years.
>> Will also add raspberries ...
>i trust you've either found a satisfactory way of dealing
>with japanese beetles or have low beetle populations there
>around here, many folks (me included) have given up and plowed
>under our brambles -- beetle pressures are just too high -- local
>doses of milky spore haven't generally made big enough dents in
>adult populations; pheromone traps cause more harm than good --
>techniques that are endorsed where numbers are small fail here
>for some of the favorite beetle foods (e.g., plums), it's either
>load the spray tank after every little shower or face complete
>defoliation in only a few days/hours
>growers who still raise brambles have resorted to omitting summer
>pruning (which makes regular mowing difficult), so the beetles can
>keep to the fruit and foliage on top and let the customers pick
>under the beetle clouds (this still doesn't solve the problem
>caused by the flies that rush to the beetle-damaged fruit)
>i've grown a little bit of just about everything here, and have
>found that blues, apples and, to a lesser extent, peaches are
>probably the easiest
>all this is, of course, strictly anecdotal
>i note that many of your concerns are with canopy protection --
>local growers here to the best of my knowledge still opt for 
>full sun
>best wishes with your operation
>mike langston <langston at>
>department of computer science, university of tennessee

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