Nitrate uptake in plants

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>|>   Does anyone have some handy references on uptake factors for
>|> nitrates from soil to plants?  All of the literature I can find
>|> only seems to discuss how nitrogen levels in the soil affect
>|> uptake of other metals and chemicals into plants.
>|>   I've been told to assume that the concentration in the plant
>|> is equal to the concentration in the soil.  
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Nobel, P.S. 1991. Physiochemical and environmental plant 
>physiology.  Academic Press, San Diego.
>Fitter, A.H. and R.K.M. Hay. 1987. Environmental physiology
>of plants, 2nd Ed.  Academic Press, London.
>Charles-Edwards, D.A., D. Doley, G.M. Rimmington. 1986. 
>Modeling plant growth and development. Academic Press,
>Syndey. --this one is closest to having a suitable simple 
>uptake model (pp. 144-146).
>Haynes, R.J., K.C. Cameron, K.M. Goh, R.R. Sherlock. 1986.
>Mineral nitrogen in the plant--soil system. Academic Press,
>Orlando. --see chapter 6: Uptake and assimilation of mineral
>nitrogen by plants, text pp. 303-358, references pp. 358-378.

Just to add one more reference:

Follet, R. F.  1989.  Nitrogen Management and Ground Water Protection.
Elsevier Publishers.   Especially see the paper by Jury and Nielsen.

Otherwise, just page through the last couple of years of the water resources
research journal and you might find something :-).

Nitrogen(fertilizer) movement is much more difficult to simulate than some 
of the other well known pesticides using the advection-dispersion equation 
(that is used under saturated groundwater conditions).  Most of the difficulty 
is because of the lack of experimental data.  As for the root zone note, that 
nitrate doesn't adsorb to the soil unless the soil happens to have a high anion 
exchange coefficient (which most of the soils don't) i,e., it is highly mobile 
in soils.  For simplicity one can I guess assume that most of the nitrate 
entering the plant does so with the water in osmosis at the root/soil interface.
Also, you might want to explore the transfer function method to which you 
can find references in aforementioned book.

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