NGOs on Internet or via gateways

Una Smith una at
Sun Jul 26 20:40:37 EST 1992

The following announcement and request for information
was recently  distributed on the CONSLINK subscription list.
Please reply directly to Michael Stuewe, whose e-mail and
surface address are included at the bottom of this message.


PS, I have lightly edited the formatting of Michael's text
to satisfy my newsreader's verbosity daemon, which won't
let me send this out unless I put in as many lines of text
as there are lines of included text... this enough yet?  

> As some of you may know CONSLINK provides a list of NGOs
> active in conservation on its bulletin board. You can
> request that list by sending a message to
> LISTSERV at SIVM.BITNET which contains only the line: 


> We are interested in compiling a list of NGOs especially
> in Latin America, Asia and Africa which can be reached by
> electronic mail. Please let us know of NGOs you know
> and/or any already compiled lists you are aware off. 

>           Michael Stuewe, Conservation Center, National Zoo
>           Smithsonian Institution, Front Royal, VA 22630, USA
>           Telephone: 703-635-6542 E-mail: NZPEM001 at SIVM.BITNET


Una Smith   una at    School of the Environment
                                Duke University
                                Durham, NC  27706

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