Economics of forest production

Una Smith una at
Wed Jul 1 21:00:24 EST 1992

I read the Science article today also.  I have worked
as a biologist in several neotropical countries, on
forest dynamics, and as a graduate student in Duke's
School of the Environment.   The arguments that Jeffrey
Vincent makes against traditional "explanations" for
the unsustainable nature of the tropical timber trade
are not new to me.  Not a single one.  I am not very
well acquainted with more than a handful of specific
case studies, but nothing that I know of conflicts
with the gist of this paper.  The author has done a
good job of outlining for scientists outside the field
those aspects of the tropical timber trade which are
NOT the source of the greatest problems in that trade.

Unfortunately, most people studying this industry are
outsiders, and it's quite clear that changes must be
made inside government ministries, national companies,
and local timber cooperatives.  How to get the message
to the people who must ultimately listen and respond,
without being labeled "self interested" and ignored?


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