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Sun May 17 12:51:14 EST 1992

This newsgroup doesn't seem to get much action.  Is there just nobody working
in agroforestry?  Or is it that there is not a lot to be said?  
	Does anyone know how big of a role agroforesis going to play in the  UE
UNCED conference this June?

	One interesting facet of agroforestry, which is not dealt with enough
is the fact that while increasing the value of deforested land, good
agroforestry practices could and do contribute to the improved living standards
of rural people of the world.  I lived in a rural community in the coast of
Ecuador for two years.  Trees are indeed valued by the people.  They provide
the only source of cooking fuel, they provide shade fothe crops which needed
it, they provide a lotf different types of fruit, etc...  Probably the most imp
important role of the trees in the community is for firewood (fuelwood).  This
is a fact of life that people need the wood for food, but there was no
re-forestation projects in place or going to be put in place within the next
few years.  Furthermore, the Ministry of Ag. and other agencies (including
private companies) were promoting "Campos Limpios"  "Clean Fields".  A field
with trees was discouraged.

	It seems that until "we" (humankind) are able to percieve an
environment which utilises all of the natural resources in a complimentary
manner, then we will continue to decimate our land, water and air.  Who can
really tell how much more we can afford to pretend that we have been allowed an
unlimited resource base?

	Just a few thoughts.....

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