what about hemp ?

Ed Stokes ebstokes at maxwell.crd.ge.com
Tue May 19 08:50:20 EST 1992

I have seen several articles recently in the popular press touting
the environmental virtues of hemp for fuel, fiber, and food. Little
research seems to be done on this subject in the USA, since the plant
is banned by the government, and most renewable energy research is
government funded. Anything happening in Europe ? I would like to see
results of serious scientific studies only. The claims made by the
hemp activists would seem to be easy to refute, if false.

1 - Martin, Amy, "Petro-Chemical Alternatives", Garbage,
    November/December 1991, pp. 44-9.
2 - Stone, Judith, "Wonderfuel life", Discover,
    Feb. 1991, pp. 37-41.

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