A Few Thoughts....

Hank Roberts hank at well.sf.ca.us
Mon May 18 12:42:13 EST 1992

Access to the newsgroup may be a problem. I'm helping friends in Minnesota
who run a small research farm to acquire net access -- they're doing
fascinating work by selecting hazelnuts and chestnuts for woody
agriculture (using local native stock from target areas is the goal,
and crossing in strains with good commercial behavior such as
- being fire-adapted so growing as bushes, harvestable like blueberries,
  and able to grow back from stumps every four or five years
- nuts in first year
- ease of mechanical (US) or hand=harvesting (Pakistani and Chinese researchers
   are working with them)
Plus the gamut of other commercially-interesting traits.

Their numbers indicate that their strains of hazelnuts can be as profitable
as corn or soybeans in food value, plus harvesting wood, plus having
the plants in the ground year-round to get spring and fall sunlight and
control erosion (in snowy areas, to act as snow fences to capture water too).

Til they find a net connection, you can find a summary of their work in an
article titled "Reducing Earth's Greenhouse CO2 Through Shifting Staples
Production to Woody Plants" - December 1988, Proceedings of the Second
North American Conference on Preparing for Climate Change; from the Climate
Institute, 316 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Ste 402, Washington DC 20003.

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