Munsell Plant Tissue Color Chart

Allan Hollander 6500rana at
Sun Nov 22 16:20:53 EST 1992

Hi, I'm posting this for Rich Walker, so if anyone has any
information on the following product, please reply to him,
not me. - Allan Hollander

Does anyone have any knowledge of or experience with the "Munsell
Plant Tissue Color Chart"?  The description in the Forestry Supplies, Inc.
catalog reads the following:

"A highly accurate method for determining and recording color resulting
from nutrient deficiency in plant tissues.  Contains 320 matte chips
permanently mounted on charts for 17 hues. 1977 edition. ($117.50)"

No one here has ever heard of such a kit for plant tissue, much less
used one.  I'd be interested in the comments of anyone who has used
(or attempted to use) said product.

- Rich Walker

Richard E. Walker  Biogeography Lab, Department of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara, California    93106
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