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David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Sep 17 19:02:07 EST 1992

KEITHH at MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Keith Hutchison) writes:

>Well, I've sent in my subscription request, but I have to wonder
>if this new (and independent) forum doesn't duplicate the function of
>the current bionet.agroforestry.  The latter one is certainly
>under-utilized (myself included).  Are there people the forest-list will
>reach that bionet.agroforestry can't?

In a nutshell, no.

> The advantage of keeping our
>activity to the bionet.agroforestry is that there is a greater chance
>that those working on other plant systems may drop in and either be
>intrigued enough to become involved or at least offer opinions from a
>different perspective.

Good point.

>Not to sound overly skeptical but each time the IUFRO Molecular Genetics
>working party has met we have talked about networking, but in the end
>the interest doesn't seem to be there.

I've been promoting theses kinds of forums for years (it takes a long
time to get people to change their ways, so keep at it!).


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