A.S. Chamove A.S.Chamove at
Thu Sep 10 22:07:14 EST 1992

Some questions:

1--I have just planted 60 acres of pines and the professional planter
used spacings of 2 X 4 metres.  Why did he not use 3 X 3 m?  [he said
that was what he was taught to do at ag. college]

2--I want to interplant walnut with pines; the nuts are the cheapest
way to get plants (germination about 50% they claim), but still very
Can I just dig a shallow hole and pop in 2 nuts and spray the grass
to release the trees?
How about using walnuts from  the grocery shops which are  a lot
cheaper (will they germinate or might they be too old or dry?).  I
know they may be from inferior stock but I should get decent walnuts
What spacings should I use with the pines so that the pines will act
as a nurse and give me some tall, branchless walnuts?

3--Has anyone developed a sterile gorse?  

Arnold Chamove
Massey University Psychology
Palmerston North, New Zealand

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