Clonal forestry

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>I recently planted an experiment designed to compare growth of stands with
>only one clone of radiate pine with that of stands of mixed clones.  I've 
>heard that some countries
>have passed laws requiring foresters to plant certain minimum numbers of
>different genotypes on each hectare.  Can anyone provide further information
>on this?

  This is a joint posting from David Harry and David Neale of the USFS in 
Berkeley.  We've heard of this kind of regulation as well, but we can't
give you specifics.  
   One of the best people around to contact in this regard is Dr. William
Libby, Dept of Forestry, UC Berkeley.  As you may know, he's one of the
founding fathers of clonal forestry.  
   Bill is now spending a sabbatical in Rotorua (sp?) at the Forestry
Research Institute (sorry, don't have the correct address).
   We remember Bill discussing this very issue several years ago and we
suggest contacting him for some specifics.

David Harry
David Neale
US Forest Service
Institute of Forest Genetics

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