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|> sigh.

I was called to task in email for this emoticon.

In response, I'd like to make it clear that I have nothing against Virginia
(a stunningly beautiful place, actually) nor its university.

It is clear enough though that a substantial proportion of allegations
that global warming concerns are purely political without basis in science
originate from there and can be traced back to a small group of climatologists.

That they disagree with the conventional wisdom is fine. Gadflies keep us
honest. That they imply that the conventional wisdom is political rather
than scientific is, to say the least, irritating. That they claim themselves
to represent the climatological consensus in the face of politically motivated
misrepresentation is unsupportable. It seems clear that rjw9y at virginia.edu
has at least had some contact with this group.

My email correspondent insisted that not everyone at Virginia takes such
a position. This doesn't surprise me and I meant to imply no such thing.

The previous burst of activity on this subject which just recently subsided
was also prompted by a scoffer from Virginia. That makes two in a row. I
hardly think this is purely coincidental. But I do not mean to cast aspersions
in any way on the University of Virginia as a whole.


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