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Trumpet List Administration trumpet- at
Thu Dec 30 14:15:43 EST 1993

I have started the First Internet Trumpet Listservice. It is dedicated to
the subject of the trumpet and has been very successful in it's first two
months of service. There are about 200 subscribers and the conversations
have been quite spirited and informative.

I am also in the process of setting-up an anonymous ftp site where large
amounts of information, ie, journals, papers, images, sound files,
catalogs, etc. can be stored and downloaded by the subscribers. 

If you are interested in subscribing to the list it is easy!

Simply  send the following  e-mail message to:  listserv at

"subscribe trumpet"

Include no subject heading or any other text or punctuation.

Please DO NOT try to subscribe to the list by replying to this post or to
my address directly.

I am interested in having as many people as possible subscribe. I would
especially like to see more International trumpet enthusiasts join the list.

Any suggestions or comments regarding this project are welcome.

Michael Anderson
Internet Trumpet List Administrator
Assistant Professor of Music/Director of Instrumental Music
Dana College

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