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Kevin Gamble kgamble at
Wed Feb 3 20:52:25 EST 1993

In article <1kp9gj$gp6 at> engelsma at (Jonathan Engelsma (Reid)) writes:
>I was wondering if anybody knows of any public domain agriculture
>software which is available via ftp, or any other means.  In particular
>we are interested in any software related to dairy farming, fruit,
>or beekeeping.  

The software catalogs of several land-grant universities can be 
searched by telneting to the gopher server at
Login as gopher and the menu choice for the catalogs is on the first

Most of the software is available at very low price (cost of the
medium), and the instructions for ordering are contained in each
state's listings.

We hope to someday offer the actual software via anonymous ftp. We'll
keep you posted on our progress.

The NCSU CES Gopher server is new this week, and it is still a
little thin on information. We're working hard to load additional
items, but it will take a little time. Please feel free to browse
around, however.

Kevin Gamble (kgamble at
North Carolina CES

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