tree effects on microclimate

Drought Research Account dres at
Tue Feb 23 20:40:26 EST 1993

Does any one have any robust equations to describe the effects of tree
basal area or foliage projected cover on microclimate at the ground layer
eg. grass sward

I need to calculate such things as increase in minimum temperature,
decrease in maximum temperature, decrease in pan evaporation, and changes
in humidity or VPD.

The relationships would need to convert standard met measurements from a 
screen to those expected for a similar position in forests/savannas of differentdensities.

ie minimum temperature increase would be a function of the standard screen 
measurement and a forest density measurement ie basal area or leaf cover.

We are running a spatial model of grass production at a 5km reslution in 
near real time for all of Queensland Australia and need to better account
for tree effects on grass growth.

If any one can help please mail directly

dres at

Ai hate vi


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