Subject: The 'New Statistics' of resampling, bootstrapping...

Ghermay Araya asmarina at
Thu Jul 8 14:01:28 EST 1993

Resampling, (bootstrapping, etc.), is revolutionizing the practice of  
statistic, and the way it is taught.  For articles, and information on  
software + books, results of classroom trails, and descriptions of pending  
projects in which teachers can become involved, contact the University of  
Maryland's Resampling Project. We are especially interested in class  
testers.  Contact:
	 Resampling Project,
	 attn. P.G. Bruce
	 College of Business
	 University of Maryland,
	 College Park, MD  20742. 
          Phone: 703-522-2713
	 FAX 703-522-5846
	 email js65 at 
	 (mark attn. P. G. Bruce). 
         please provide  both  postal and email address.

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