NH3 Adsorption / 15-N Suppliers

Steven Kenneth Besler x4y092 at rick.cs.ubc.ca
Thu Jul 15 16:23:53 EST 1993

I am currently involved in a pilot scale landfill leachate treatment
experiment.  In order to achieve an accurate nitrogen balance, I
intend to measure off gases, including NH3, N2, and N2O.  I have heard that NH3
strongly adsorbs to certain compounds (eg. neoprene, greases), and
that care must therefore be taken to construct the gas collection apparatus
(cover) of suitable material (eg. glass) in order to prevent adsorption losses.

I would prefer to construct the cover from a material that is easy to work 
with (eg. plexiglass, fibreglass?, wood?).  Are any of these materials strong
NH3 adsorbers?  If so, can anything be done to "seal" them?  (If answers 
supported by published material, please supply refs).  Any suggestions 
for other materials which would serve my purposes?  (Note: plant is outside
therefore cover should be fairly robust; transparency is desirable but not
necessary for entire structure since windows can be added).

My current plan is to construct the cover from plexiglass sheets, run the 
plant for a few weeks to allow NH3 adsorption to reach equilibrium/
saturation, then do an experiment to check recovery.

As part of the experiment, I may use 15-N tracers to determine N2 production.
I have only found onwe potential supplier so far.  Anyone know where I could
get 15-NH4Cl, (15-NH4)2SO4, or other ammonium compounds? (Quotations from
suppliers welcome :-) ).

P.S. I don't have an account (yet) so I'm sending this on my brother's.
     Please E-mail responses to him, or post in the newsgroup.
     My name is David Besler, and I'm an M.A.Sc. student at UBC's
     Dept. of C.E. (Env. Eng. Group).

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