searching for a paper.

Michelle Sierp msierp at
Mon Jul 19 20:09:00 EST 1993

Hi everyone,
        I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the following paper, which I
can't seem to get hold of here in dear old Adelaide. If you do,would you be
so kind as to fax me a copy on 0015-61-08-3790874 or alternatively send me a
photocopy to Michelle Sierp, HVO Dept, Waite Institute PB 1 Glen Osmond 5064
South Australia.  The paper is "Eucalyptus for the production of cut green
foliage" by P. Rumine and M. Bellandi in Coltur Protette 18:91-94 1989.
Thanks a lot if you can help.
                                Michelle Sierp
                                msierp at

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