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A research position is immediately available for a person
with research experience in somatic embryogenesis, liquid
culture, bioreactor research, or preferably all three.

The position would suit someone with a Ph.D or similar 
research experience. It is located in Rotorua, New Zealand.

The New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd. (NZFRI) is a 
Crown Research Institute, a company established 
by the Government of New Zealand to be the predominant 
provider of forestry related research and development in
New Zealand. There are over 400 staff here at the 
Rotorua campus,and all aspects of forest research are 
covered, from the gene to the end products 
(pulp, timber, reconstituted products). 

Within the Biotechnology Division, we have Tree Breeding, 
Clonal Forestry, Forest Nursery, Molecular Biology, 
and Tissue Culture research groups.

The Tissue Culture research group has been active 
for over 20 years in the area of developing clonal 
propagation technology using micropropagation and 
embryogenesis. Both fundamental and applied
research are carried out in our laboratories.

My group has developed somatic embryogenesis 
techniques for vegetative propagation of Pinus radiata, 
and these are now undergoing commercial evaluation 
by a forestry company in Rotorua. We have also developed 
techniques using bioreactors for mass propagation, and 
have secured funding to research this further. The 
bioreactor research will interface with research into 
artificial seed for encapsulation of somatic embryos,
and with the precommercial development research of our 
industrial partner.

The research funding is for a period of two years, 
with funding beyond that contingent on research progress. 
All new NZFRI staff are employed on contracts of two years. 
A satisfactory performance in the advertised project would 
open up opportunities in other areas of research, including
my groups active support of transformation research with the 
Molecular Biology group. 

The job position entails accepting responsibility for 
research into mass clonal propagation of Pine somatic 
embryos in liquid suspension. We have extremely equipped 
laboratories, including 3 computer controlled Setric 
Genie 2cv (2 litre) research bioreactors. There is 
support from well qualified and experienced technical staff.

I am happy to accept notice of application by FAX or Email, 
and suggest that you send a copy of your Curriculum Vitae 
by airmail as soon as possible (before August 7 1993).

Conditions of employment contract and salary are
available on request.

Thank you for your interest in the position,

Dale R. Smith, Ph.D (Calgary)
Technical Manager - Somatic Seed Project
Resource Centre Manager - Tissue Culture
Biotechnology Division   
Forest Research Institute Ltd.
Private Bag 3020
New Zealand
phone  +64 7 347 5899
FAX    +64 7 347 9380

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