Hazelnut Farm - Am I nuts?

lawder at ohsu.edu lawder at ohsu.edu
Thu Jul 29 14:28:45 EST 1993

In article <CAw6HE.32 at sugar.NeoSoft.COM> claird at NeoSoft.com (Cameron Laird) writes:

>Does anyone in the USA say "filbert"?

>I don't know anything about hazelnut processing in
>this country.  Please do report back on it as you
>learn more; I but it's an interesting fraternity.
I live in the heart of Oregon's FILBERT orchard area and Diamond has a 
processing plant on 99E in Hubbard, OR (address might be Aurora, OR).

In the 5 years I've been here, there have been significant increases in the 
number of orchards planted and producing.  Why, there's a 50-acre orchard 
right across the street from my house.

Recommend local OR Ag offices as good potential source of information on 
this subject.

lawder at ohsu.edu
Portland, OR

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