Hazelnut Farm - Am I nuts?

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In article <lawder.344 at ohsu.edu> lawder at ohsu.edu writes:
>I live in the heart of Oregon's FILBERT orchard area and Diamond has a 
>processing plant on 99E in Hubbard, OR (address might be Aurora, OR).
>In the 5 years I've been here, there have been significant increases in the 
>number of orchards planted and producing.  Why, there's a 50-acre orchard 
>right across the street from my house.
>Recommend local OR Ag offices as good potential source of information on 
>this subject.
If there's an FAQ for misc.rural, this should
be in it:  USA residents, talk to your country
agricultural extension agent.  They have the
information, and they're good about helping.

The originator of this thread asked about
diseases.  I've forgotten from where he was
asking.  Hazelnuts have been tried in the
eastern US, where the climate ought to be
acceptable (I've put in a few, myself--I
moved away from there, though, and have lost
track of how they're doing), but a "blight"
has constrained commerical plantings.  I
never have learned the biology of the blight.
Also, the catkins of hazelnuts are suscept-
ible to frosts.  They don't have to be late,
apparently; if there are warm days early, the
pollinating organs start to grow, then frigid
nights can wipe 'em out.  The tree doesn't
particularly mind, but it destroys a year's

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