Looking for sources of forestry bibliographic information

Ray Butler rbutler at NoFC.Forestry.CA
Fri Jun 4 15:04:05 EST 1993

As part of the Decision Support System for Aspen Management that we are
developing at Forestry Canada, I am compiling an information database that
will include a complete and current bibliography.  While our main focus
during the initial development is on aspen, the project will ultimately
expand to include all species of concern in Canadian mixedwood management.
I am, therefore, looking for computer-accessible sources of
bibliographical information which may be usefully incorporated into the
bibliography, which currently contains about 5800 references.

The scope of the information I would like to include in the bibliography
is quite broad.  This information does not need to be directly concerned
with aspects relevant only to Canada.  International publications dealing
with aspen varieties and hybrids which are not native to Canada, or those
concerning other hardwood or coniferous species which may be associated
with aspen are also desired, as are publications on wildlife interactions
that may be relevant.

I have already spent some time searching Internet for sources, and I was
able to locate a number of bibliographies accessible through gopher, but
the thought of perusing though databases of tens of thousands of

references individually and mailing possibly thousands of items to myself
one at a time somehow doesn't appeal much to my sense of efficiency.
Therefore, I am particularly interested in finding sources of collected
references which can be transferred in one fell swoop and examined at my
leisure without me having to monopolize a piece of Internet for hours at a

If you know of any such sources or of any people who might be helpful in
this matter please post to this newsgroup or contact me through e-mail at
the address below.  Any assistance would be immensely appreciated.

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