Environmental News Network Briefing

Steve Schowengerdt enn at crow.csrv.uidaho.edu
Wed Jun 16 08:06:32 EST 1993


   ENN News Briefing, a quick-read environmental news package produced
by the Environmental News Network, is now available on the Internet via
University of Idaho Gopher server.

   Just select "University of Idaho" from the list of all Gopher servers
at the University of Minnesota or tell your Gopher software to connect
directly to "gopher.uidaho.edu".

   Each news package contains a four-page Highlights section, which 
includes the lead story for the edition and an index to 19 other
sections that cover:

   Government/Politics    Legal                Regs/Statutes/Laws
   Hazardous Materials    Waste Management     Technology
   Energy                 Agriculture          Fish/Wildlife
   Public Land            Atmosphere/Climate   Water
   Business               Education/Training   Recreation/Tourism
   Green Lifestyle        Health/Food          Directory/Calendar
   Reference Desk

   The Environmental News Network Inc. is a regional news and information
service that covers the Northwest and Intermountain regions of the U.S.

   Contact ENN at (208)726-3649 or enn at uidaho.edu. (ENN is not connected
with the University of Idaho.)
   ENN Online: (208)726-2651         ENN Fax on Demand: (208)726-4164

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