UBC environmental video series on PERMACULTURE Mar. 4--5

David Dalton dalton at paleo.Geop.UBC.CA
Wed Mar 3 22:01:43 EST 1993

The Student Environment Centre is presenting

PERMACULTURE: a four-video series about sustainable agriculture.

on two days: Thurs. and Fri., Mar. 4 and 5, 12:30--1:30, 
at Woodward Bldg IRC 3 at UBC.  Everyone welcome.

presenter: Australian Bill Mollison.

Abstract:  With growing concern about the ecological and environmental
state of our planet, we often ask "What can be done?".  The Green 
Revolution, with its great promises, continues to witness the same
environmental degradation and depletion.  The sustainability of our
agriculture is very much in question.
   PERMACULTURE is not only an attempt at a solution but a practical and
sane approach to designing sustainable agriculture systems.  Based on
natural systems, Permaculture produces high yield and high quality
agricultural production.
   Australian Bill Mollison introduces Permaculture concepts and preactice
in a series of four laid-back videos, which will be shown over two lunch hours.
   1) Permaculture in  the Tropics
   2) Permaculture in the Desert
   3) Permaculture in the Temperate Zones
   4) Permaculture in an Urban Environment
I am just relaying this, call 822-8676 for more info.  DD.
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