Industry On Track to Exceed 1995 Goal of 40 Percent Paper Recovery

Al Stangenberger forags at smokey
Wed Mar 10 11:40:39 EST 1993

In article <29480 at> b_nbca at (Bruce Nordman) writes:
>Also, my impression is that the 40% number includes some pre-consumer
>waste paper, so is not strictly comparable to "recycling rates"
>as generally understood by consumers of materials.

There is a lot of pre-consumer waste within a paper mill.  Ends of rolls, 
test samples, trimmings from cutting paper to final size, etc.  This is
all nice clean feedstock (no ink, and some even without sizing).

I toured a paper mill recently, and our guide told us that they had been
recycling paper for years (they have to get rid of it somehow!).
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