Industry On Track to Exceed 1995 Goal of 40 Percent Paper Recovery

Bruce Nordman b_nbca at
Tue Mar 9 21:57:53 EST 1993

ndallen at (Nigel Allen) forwards a press release
from the American Forest & Paper Association.
>> Industry On Track to Exceed 1995 Goal of 40 Percent Paper Recovery

The increase in the fraction of paper we use that is recycled is
certainly good, but the paper industry generally quotes percentages
or amounts recovered, and does not emphasize the amount of paper
actually used in each year.  When I last saw the industry's projections
(last summer), the increase in the amount recycled was still less
than the increase in total paper used, so that the amount of paper
going to incinerators and landfills is expected to _increase_ over
the next several years.

Also, my impression is that the 40% number includes some pre-consumer
waste paper, so is not strictly comparable to "recycling rates"
as generally understood by consumers of materials.  I think the
rate before recycling became so popular was roughly 25%.

It is interesting to note that the press release concentrated only
on landfills and recycling, when a considerable amount of paper
is currently burned in MSW incinerators.

Now, if all UseNet reading was done with paper, how much would
that require................

Bruce Nordman
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