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Mon May 10 04:27:30 EST 1993

In article <9305100437.AA07147 at>, msierp at (Michelle Sierp) writes:
> I was wondering if anyone can help me, I'm after a paper out of the Canadian
> Journal of Forest Research which we don't receive here. The authors are
> Bonsquet, J., Simon, L. & Lalonde, M.  Can someone please supply me with an
> address to one of these people so I can get a reprint posted to me. Or if some
> kind soul has the paper.."DNA amplification from vegetative and sexual tissues
> of trees using polymerase chain reaction" CJFR 1990 20:254-257    maybe you
> could send me a photocopy.  Thanks a lot.
> Michelle Sierp
> msierp at
> Dept. HVO
> Waite Institute
> PMB 1 Glen Osmond 5064
> South Australia

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