Borax for Termites in Wood?

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> Does anyone know how and if I could make an insecticide for 
> termite infested wood with a water solution using
> orthoboric acid, i.e., how much water to borax? and will this 
> solution be good to treat termite infested wood?  There is a 
> commerical chemical called Timbor which is applied in solution 
> to the wood to rid termites and avoid them comming back - I 
> take it that the Timbor they use is primarily a borax solution, 
> probably with  something else, but I'm hoping it  will  work 
> with just the straight borax.  This commercial company uses 
> this instead of fumigating the entire house.  Also, I take it 
> borax is quite harmless, we sometimess use  the powder for 
> other insects and I was also wondering if breathing any of 
> that power could do harm.

I'm not sure what this has to do with agroforestry :-)  perhaps because boron
is phytotoxic???

First find the nature of your problem.  Are your termites subterranean or
drywood?  Drywood termites nest entirely within timber, subterranean ones
need contact with a water source.  I assume you do not have dampwood termites
as for these the remedy is dry the area & replace the wood.  Borates are
water soluble and so little use in damp situations (IMHO).

If you have drywoods (you'll see little pellets of crap all over the place),
then fumigation will kill them.  Electro guns (R) might (again IMHO) and heat
and cold can also be used.  Since they dwell _within_ the wood, painting
boron on the outside won't do much except discourage new colonies.

If you have subterranean termites - write & I'll tell you more, much more!

Good luck


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