mgonzalez at vmsb.is.csupomona.edu mgonzalez at vmsb.is.csupomona.edu
Wed Nov 3 03:28:39 EST 1993

We have drywood termites in the bottom half of the garage 
door, some dampwood termites in the wooden patio outside where 
it's damp by our small koi fish pond, and finally we have 
SUBTERANEAN termites in the garage where our concrete wall 
meets the neighbor's concrete wall, the wall apparently has 
some minute leaks because there are traces of dampness in some 
spots where the concrete floor meets the concrete block wall.
BTW - the idea with the borax was to put it in solution and 
      let it soak into the wood via exposed wood. Do you think
      some borax in the soil could help as well as a
      pesticide?  I'm not really sure but it seems the borax 
      would outlast petroleum based pesticides in the soil -
      just a guess.

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