Borax for Termites in Wood?

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Sat Nov 6 06:45:30 EST 1993

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>In article <1993Oct30.215203.1 at>, mgonzalez at writes:
>> Does anyone know how and if I could make an insecticide for 
>> termite infested wood with a water solution using orthoboric acid
>> borax is quite harmless, we sometimess use  the powder for 
>> other insects and I was also wondering if breathing any of 
>> that pow[d]er could do harm.

Borax used to be available from pharmacists in small packets here.  
It was commonly used as an eye rinse (suitably diluted of course :-);
but I gather it has been withdrawn from sale nowdays.  Seems some women
were using it as baby powder or similar, with very unhappy results.
So, you can't buy it in 500 g packets now - you can only buy it in
50 kg bags from your friendly fertiliser dealer!  (Presumably, silly
mothers don't buy fertiliser :)

>I'm not sure what this has to do with agroforestry :-)  perhaps because boron
>is phytotoxic???

Yes, it is.  But it is also essential.  It is a very common deficiency
in soils in this district.  The trick is to get the application rates

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