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Publications from Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Dr. Salleh Mohd. Nor salleh at frim.my
Fri Oct 15 12:19:34 EST 1993

Forest Research Institute Malaysia - FRIM
Kepong Malaysia


1.      A Guide To The Cultivation of Rattan
        Wan Razali Wan Mohamad, J. Dransfield & N. Manokaran

        Contents:      The background of rattan plantation
                       The silviculture of rattans
                       Processing and marketing of rattans
        Year:          1992
        Price:         Local: RM100
                       Overseas: USD100

2.      Manual on Forest Fruits, Seeds and Seedlings Vol I & II

        Contents:      Description  on some 300 genera of  fruits,  seeds
                       and seedlings mostly from Malaysia
        Year:          1991
        Price:         Local: RM200.00 per set
                       Overseas: USD200.00

3.      Planting Quality Timbers In Peninsular Malaysia
        S. Appanah & G. Weinland

        Contents:      Artificial regeneration in P. Malaysia Experiences
                       with plantations
                       Establishment of plantations
                       Enrichment planting
                       Classification of timber species
                       Silvics of selected quality timber species
        Year:          1993
        Price:         Local: RM40 (hard cover) RM25 (soft cover)
                       Overseas: USD40 (hard cover) USD25 (soft cover)

4.      Termites of Peninsular Malaysia

        Contents:      A pictorial guide to the termite genera
                       A systematic documentation of the termite fauna
        Year:          1992
        Price:         Local: RM60
                       Overseas: USD60

5.      The Tropical Garden City, Its Creation and Maintenance
        Salleh Md. Nor, Wong Yew Kwan & F.S.P.Ng

        Contents:      Parks and their creation
                       The greening of roads
                       Planting practices
                       Maintenance practices
                       Turfing and turf management
                       Nursery practice
                       Parks administration
        Year:          1990
        Price:         Local: RM29.90
                       Overseas: USD29.90

6.      Pokok-Pokok untuk Tanaman Bandar (in Bahasa Malaysia)
        Adnan Mohamed

        Contents:      Benefits and functions of trees
                       How to plant trees
                       How to select trees for planting
                       Local  and  exotic species that can be  planted  +
                       photos Palms
        Year:          1991
        Price:         RM40.00

7.      Medicinal Products From The Tropical Rain Forests
        Khozirah Shaari, Azizol Abd. Kadir & Abd. Razak Mohd. Ali

        Contents:      Ethnobotanical aspects of medicinal products  from
                       tropical rain forests.
                       Ethnopharmacological  and therapeutic  aspects  of
                       medicinal products from the tropical rain forests.
                       Pharmacological   and  toxicological  aspects   of
                       tropical   forest   plants  used   for   medicinal
                       Modern techniques in natural products research
                       Phytochemical  aspects of medicinal products  from
                       tropical rain forests.
                       Commercial  prospects of medicinal  products  from
                       tropical rain forests.
        Year:          1991
        Price:         Local: RM30.00
                       Overseas: USD30.00

8.      Proceedings on the International Rubberwood Seminar

        Contents:      Utilization of rubberwood in furniture making
                       Rubberwood - a problem for moulders
                       Rubberwood resource in Asean and the potential for
                       its wider utilization
                       Availability of rubberwood in Peninsular Malaysia
                       Medium   density   fiberboard   manufacture   from
                       Charcoal production and briquetting from rubberwood
        Year:          1990
        Price:         Local: RM15.00
                       Overseas: USD15.00

9.      Oil Palm Stem Utilization
        Khozirah Shaari, K.C.Khoo & Abdul Razak Mohd. Ali

        Contents:      Availability and distribution of oil palm stems in
                       Characteristics of the oil palm stem
                       Processing and protection of the oil palm stems
                       Panel products
                       Pulp and paper and animal feed
                       Chemical  and physical modifications of oil palm  stems
                       Solid and liquid fuels
                       Extraction, transportation and economics
        Year:          1991
        Price:         Local: RM20.00
                       Overseas: USD20.00

10.     Hutan Hujan Tropika di Semenanjung Malaysia (in Bahasa Malaysia)
        Khairuddin Kamaruddin
        Contents:      Types of plants in the tropical rain forest
                       The fauna community of the rain forest
                       Types of forest in Peninsular Malaysia
                       Roles of the tropical rain forest
                       The status, management and the development of  the
                       tropical rain forest.
                       Management and plantation forest
                       Agro-forestry and social forestry
                       Non-forest wood products
                       Man and the tropical rain forest
        Year:          1993
        Price:         RM30.00 (hard cover) RM 25.00 (soft cover)

11.     Directory of Plant Genetic Resources in Malaysia
        Saw Leng Guan & Raja Barizan Raja Sulaiman

        Contents:      Conservation areas in Malaysia-Indexed by locality
                       and   by  Institution,  Germplasm  collection   in
                       Malaysia  - Indexed by Commodity Groupings and  by
        Year:          1991
        Price:         Local: RM15.00
                       Overseas: USD15.00

12.     Raising Rattan Seedlings
        Rattan Information Center

        Contents:      Site  selection, seed  collection,  transportation
                       and storage.
                       Seed processing, seed bed preparation, seed sowing
                       and after-care.
                       Preparation of polybag nursery, transplanting  and
                       Pest and disease control
                       Seed requirement
        Year:          1988
        Price:         Free

13.     Rattans (Canes) in India. A Monographic Revision
        Shyamal K. Basu

        Contents:      Morphology, Propagation, Utilization, Distribution
                       and Taxonomy
        Year:          1992
        Price:         Local: RM10
                       Overseas: USD10

14.     Potensi Rebung Buluh di Malaysia (in Bahasa Malaysia)
        Azmy Hj. Mohamed

        Contents:      Bamboo   distribution   and   its   usage   Bamboo
                       Nutrious values found in Bamboo shoots
                       Introduction to the potential species
        Year:          1992
        Price:         Local: RM10

                                    SERIALS FOR SUBCRIPTIONS

     ** FRIM Bulletin

        A  newsletter  that aims at informing the public on  the  research
        activities  and happenings in FRIM. Articles are written  both  in
        Bahasa Malaysia and English. Published twice a year.
        Frequency: Twice a year
        Subcription price: Free

     ** Urban Forestry Bulletin
        The objective of this publication is to disseminate knowledge  and
        information on all aspects of urban forestry with the emphasis  on
        the art and science of growing and maintaining urban landscape and
        Frequency:     Twice a year
        Subcription price:  Local: RM1.00
                            Overseas: USD1.00

     ** RIC Bulletin
        This  publication acts as a media for the exchange of  information
        on  rattan  among the members of the rattan community.   It  is  a
        vehicle  for  communicating  research findings  to  end-users  and
        channeling feedbacks to the scientists. Frequency: Irregular
        Subcription price:  Local: RM8.00 per year
                            Overseas: USD8.00 per year

     ** Bamboo Bulletin
        A  bulletin that reports on the status and development  of  bamboo
        industry and research in Malaysia
        Frequency: Twice a year
        Subcription price: Free


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