articels about agroforestry and aquaforestry

Lutz Tischendorf tischi at
Tue Sep 7 09:57:37 EST 1993

Hello everybody,
my name is Grit Berger and I  write theses about sustainable and variable
land use here in Leipzig Environmental Research Centre, Germany.
In this direction I`m intrested in agroforestry and aquaforestry and there
applications. Especially I wont connect these forms of land use with regional
conditions.But I can't find some good literature about agro- and aquaforestry.
Who can help me in this case?
Also I`m interested in communications of all the topics written up.
You have informations then write to:
Grit Berger
UFZ Leipzig/Halle
Sektion Angewandte Landschaftsoekologie
D-04318 Leipzig

or contact:
Tel.:Germany 0341/2352651
Fax.:Germany 0341/2352233
grit at

Thanks, Grit

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