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Mon Apr 18 14:57:44 EST 1994

**************         ATTENTION IMAGERY USERS

     On or about the 1st of June, a large volume of
satellite imagery will be released to the general public.
This imagery covers the period between the early sixties and
the early seventies; and consists of good quality black and
white images that span the entire globe.  It is believed
that this imagery will be of great interest to people
involved in (but not limited to) environmental,
geographical, geological and oceanographic research.

     We are trying to collect data pertaining to how this
information should be presented, and to whom it should be
presented.  It is our goal to obtain the users point of view
BEFORE any system is designed to deliver the imagery.  To do
this, we need your input.  Please respond to the following
questions by e-mailing your response to:

                       hinkle at acm.org

If you know of someone, or some organization that could
benefit from this type of service, please forward this
questionnaire to them.

1.   Would you use the imagery, if it were readily available
     via the internet?

2.   How often would you use the service?

3.   What would you use the imagery for?

4.   What areas of the globe would you most likely study?

5.   What time period (Between 1960-1972) would you most
     likely want to study?

6.   Please provide any input as to how the information
     should be presented (i.e. Mosaic, Wais, etc.).

7.   Is it all right if we send you a more detailed
     questionnaire after our preliminary results are tabulated.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Pete Hinkle

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