Agriculture Research At The Federal Level In 10 Countries

Glenn Easton ap987 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Apr 19 15:37:27 EST 1994

I am conducting a study of agricultural research in 10b countries
(well actually 11 - since I also need info on the USDA/ARS).  The
information I am seeking will be used to raise awareness of 
research activities and to facilitate contacts between scientists
in Canada and the countries I will list below.  To that end I 
would like to enlist anyone who can help me in obtaining 
institutional/organizational information in the following 

China (PRC)
United Kingdom

I would like to get a brief description of the research mandates
the addresses and the telephone/fax numbers for the institutes,
research centres, and experimental stations funded by the federal
(i.e. central) government in these countries (i.e. INIFAP in 
Mexico, EMBRAPA in Brazil, etc.) As we have two official languages
in Canada, it would be ideal if the information were available in
both French and English, but English is essential.  

I am also trying to prove to myself that Internet is a good 
information gathering tool.

I can be contacted via Freenet ap987 at or
                          at  iroirc%5320 at

Thanks in advance to anyone who assists me with this mammoth 
task.  All leads, notes, observations welcome.

Glenn Easton

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