Stefan Schlag UZS0FF at
Wed Apr 20 10:32:06 EST 1994

still searching for any information on the ecological impacts of forest-
plantations in connection with South-East-Asia's vanishing rain-forests.
Examplifying by Malaysian large-scale rubberwood-plantations the question is,
if wood-plantations are the right way to keep the remaining primary-forests
untouched. The vision is: Reservates financed by export-profits from the
forest-plantations. Rubberwood helps the Penan?
The bad vision is: Malaysia - nothing more than a big plantation, oil-palms
and rubber everywhere, and no forests left for the sake of cash-crops.
What do you think?
Information and contacts or hints on literature needed for my examen,
univ. Bonn, Germany.    Stefan

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