HELP : energy farming of trees

robert wood rwood at
Wed Apr 20 14:12:49 EST 1994

gareth at (Gareth Price) writes:

>I am looking for information about the joulerific value of various tree
>species to include in a school science text book. Anyone got any ideas? 

>want to give students the chance to compare their experimental values wi
>secondary data to allow them to think about the accuracy of their method
>All help gratefully received.

>gareth at
I have a set of values developed a looooooong time ago.( ie: they
were using it as a main source of fuel) and its in millions of BTU/cord
of wood, but its not with me at the moment.  I will post or email at your
preference and that of the net

Again info dates back to early 1920's but I don't think its changed 

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