Wood industry in China

davidip at mdo.nofc.forestry.ca davidip at mdo.nofc.forestry.ca
Wed Apr 27 18:08:32 EST 1994

>I'm looking for a general overview of China's wood/forestry industry.  
>Particularly interested in:
>	1.  Range, distribution and quantity of indigenous species;
>	2.  Level of sophistication RE: forest management & processing;
>	3.  Major imports - type & species;
>	4.  Exports, if any;
>	3.  Sources of information for the above.
This might be a helpful starting point:

Anonymous,, "Forestry in China," FAO Forestry Paper No. 35, p.
     307, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na-
     tions, Rome, 1982.  Book on shelf

Best wishes,
David Ip
Canadian Forest Service

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