pgharr at pgharr at
Thu Apr 28 23:25:00 EST 1994

while not a primary rain forest, rubber and oilpalm are monoculture forests.  
And they provide employment in countries whix=ich desperately need this .  Most rainforestsd are going in 
rain forests are going in Indonesia etc to provide lumber and wood schips to 
Japan and Europe.  I see no major conflict with rubber or oilpalm at present, 
but where trees [of whatever type
[A[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C] do not replace primary forest, that ids 

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