germinate Brazil nut

pgharr at pgharr at
Thu Apr 28 23:18:00 EST 1994

I guess you do not have any answer yet....try running a search on the cdrom 
data base "tropag" from holland.  They have had some references that I am aware
of.  Also try the following people:
*  Dr Isolde Ferraz, Tree Institute, Manaus, Brazil.   She is closely involved with 
with many of these types of species.
*  I have a feeling that there is an FAO book on the species, or maybe an article
in "Economic Botany".

Sorry I cannot offer much more, as I do not have my "little black book" with me at pre
at present.  If no luck email me and I"'ll dig out the full details.

Peter Harrison, Seed Specialist

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